The NBNC Team


Our Staff

Naomi Heindel (she/her)
Executive Director

Carrie Riker (she/her)

Emily A. Seiffert (she/her)
Deputy Director

Chelsea Clarke Sawyer (she/her)
Communications Coordinator

Arianna Dayharsh (she/her)
Director of Forest Preschool

Chip Darmstadt (he/him)
Bird Ambassador

Dave Muska (he/him)

Emily Sloan (she/her)
Office Manager

Fiona Modrak (she/her)

Jenna Plouffe (she/her)
Forest Preschool Teacher

Ginny Brooke (she/her)
Forest Preschool Aftercare Teacher

Ken Benton (he/him)
Director of Education

Lauren Esserman (she/her)
Finance Director

Sean Beckett (he/him)
Program Director

Megan French (she/her)
Forest Preschool Teacher

Sarah Galbraith (she/her)
Finance Assistant

Pete Kerby-Miller (they/them)

Victoria Lee (she/her)

Our AmeriCorps Service Members

Annie Jackson (she/her)
VHCB AmeriCorps Naturalist Educator

Our Board of Directors

Emily Wetherell, President
Richard Paradis, Vice President
Georgia Valentine, Treasurer
Carol Vassar, Secretary
Richard Campbell
Bob Klein
Richard Littauer
Emily Merrill
Karen Saudek
Jan Thouron
Stephan Syz - Emeritus Board Member


NBNC Staff: From left to right: Fiona Modrak, Griffin Cummings, Naomi Heindel, Em Sloan, Chelsea Clarke Sawyer, Carrie Riker, Emily Seiffert, Dave Muska, Jenna Plouffe, Sean Beckett.


The NBNC Education Team: Clockwise from top left: Pete Kerby-Miller, Fiona Modrak, Amy Butler, Carrie Riker, Ken Benton, Dave Muska, Jenna Plouffe, Sue Pratt, Arianna Dayharsh

"Do we wish some future historian to say about us: '"With all their genius and with all their skill, they ran out of foresight and air and food and water and ideas"? — U Thant

North Branch Nature Center

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Montpelier, Vermont 05602
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Hours: Center Open Monday-Friday 9-4
Trails Open 24/7