Nature Programs

“The best part? Seeing the magnificent country… Smelling the sagebrush and stinky paint pots, tasting the huckleberries, feeling sticky pine resin and slick petrified wood, watching weather pile in over the Tetons, and Greater Sage Grouse dancing on their leks…. savoring the grandeur and the silence, and learning from a seasoned naturalist how it all fits together.”

—Judy Brook, a participant on NBNC’s trip to Yellowstone

Exploring the Natural World


Natural History Programs

N ature rewards us with endless delight, astonishment, and perspective on how to live well. North Branch Nature Center helps people of all ages connect with nature through a huge menu of programming for all ages, interests, and backgrounds. We offer outings, presentations, classes, and festivals to get Vermonters of all stripes outside and immersed among our wild places and faces. Click on the program areas below for upcoming events.

Adventures Afar NBNC
Adventures Afar
NBNC presentations Natural History
Natural History Birding
Vermont Master Naturalist
Biodiversity University
Young Naturalists

Community Science Programs

C ommunity Science enlists the help of community volunteers to contribute data to major scientific research projects. Scientists today can now easily crowd-source information from participants across the world, and it has never been easier to get involved! North Branch Nature Center has a long tradition of engaging families, students, and naturalists in important ecological research.

Amphibian Conservation
Amphibian Conservation
Owl banding
Owl Banding
Songbird Research
Winter Bird Count
Christmas Bird Count

Online Learning

P uruse your naturalist education in a virtual format with our on-demand, expert-led online courses, our virtual spring nature walks, our online bird banding station, and our page dedicated to understanding and protecting the North Branch of the Winooski River. Discover, learn and explore the diversity of life near you from home.

Online Courses
Virtual Walks
Virtual Nature Walks
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Online Bird Banding
Explore The River

Immerse Yourself in Nature with NBNC

  • We offer an ever-changing menu of classes, workshops, and multi-day seminars designed to engage our community more deeply in the natural world.
  • Join our regional outings to visit wild destinations to search for rare species, grand migrations, natural history mysteries, and fascinating stories in our more-than-human world.
  • We illuminate nature’s weirdest and wildest complexities in presentations and webinars to deepen our connection with nature. Our 100-seat community room brings natural wonders from across the world into our beautiful, indoor learning environment.
  • NBNC has a rich tradition of birding programs. Join morning bird walks, field trips to regional hotspots, adventures to international birding destinations, or participate in our songbird and owl research.
  • Our Young Naturalists embark on regular outings to ecological hotspots and rare natural communities. This group, ages 8 - 18, competes in birding competitions, assist scientific research, and travel around the world.
  • Join NBNC on life-changing adventures afar. For the past 15 years, NBNC has led small-group trips to tropical rainforests, desert islands, rugged mountains, and even active volcanoes in search of nature’s most magnificent moments.
  • Our community nature celebrations like BirdFest and CaterpillarFest feature something for everyone. Our once-a-decade Montpelier BioBlitz is among New England's largest gatherings of nature lovers.

“Tell me the landscape in which you live, and I will tell you who you are.

— Jose Ortega y Gassett

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