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Naturalist Journeys Online 2020-21 Programs

Naturalist Journeys is back for its 25th season with this fall/winter online presentation series featuring biologists and explorers from around the country. This winter, learn about aquatic bugsthe secret lives of fishwild applesmacro photographyslug thievesginseng poachinganimal acousticsbirdsong, and much more. Tune in live via Zoom or catch the recording afterwards.

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Upcoming Naturalist Journeys Programs


Seed Dispersers, Stone Walls, & Slugs: Community Ecology of Herbaceous Flora of the Northeast
Presented by Nathan Kiel
December 2nd | 5- 6 PM (Eastern) | MORE INFO


Birdsong for the Curious Naturalist
Presented by Donald Kroodsma
January 13th | 7 - 8 PM (Eastern) | MORE INFO


Birds, Bees, Bats, and Bugs: Why Animals Make and Use Sound
Presented by Laurel Symes
January 20th | 7 - 8 PM (Eastern) | MORE INFO

Previous Naturalist Journeys Online 2020-21 Programs

Gulls Demystified | Bryan Pfeiffer | November 20 2020

Check out Bryan's website:

Wild Apples: Making the Most of the Feral Apple Harvest | Matt Kaminsky | November 18 2020

Check out Matt's website:

Macrophotography: A Naturalist's Perspective | Joseph Saunders | November 11 2020

Check out Joseph's Website: Para Herpetologica
Support Joseph via Patreon
Check out @BlackAFinSTEM on Instagram and Twitter
Download Joseph's Slide deck HERE

Fishes of Vermont: Confessions of an Ichthyologist | Doug Facey | October 28 2020

Turning Stones: Exploring Aquatic Invertebrates | Declan McCabe | October 21

Past Webinars and Presentations

Monitoring Rabies in Vermont | Owen Montgomery - USDA Wildlife Services | June 24

An Artist in the Arctic | Chelsea Clarke | June 10

Additional Resources

Biofinder & Vermont Conservation Design – understanding, valuing, and mapping | Andy Wood | May 27

Wild Adventures in the United Arab Emirates | Erika Mitchell | May 20

Online Book Launch: The Land of Milk & Honey | Bill Mares & Kim Greenwood | May 15

Making the Most of your Trail Camera | Declan McCabe | May 13

A Shared Life: Biodiversity Conservation in Vermont | Eric Hagen | May 8

Grassland Birds | Liza Morse and Kevin Tolan | May 6

Solving Sparrows | Bryan Pfeiffer | May 1

The Magnificent Monarch Migration | Drew Hamilton | April 29

Birding your Backyard | Zac Cota | April 22

Vernal Pool Ecology | Zac Cota & Kevin Tolan | April 17

On Foot with Lions & Leopards: Tracking South Africa's Wildlife | Sophie Mazowita | April 15

iNaturalist: Discovering Nature From Home | Zac Cota & Emily Anderson | April 10

Return of the Red-winged Blackbird | Teage O'Connor | April 8

Human History & Ecology of the Poultney River | Paul Marangelo | April 1

Bee Biodiversity in Vermont | Spencer Hardy | April 3

Game Camera Footage Release Party | Dave Muska & Sean Beckett | March 27

Amphibian Monitoring Q&A | Zac Cota & Sean Beckett | March 29

Miscellaneous Videos

Recorded in-person presentations at NBNC

Thanks to ORCA Media for the recording and production of these presentations

(Above: Wolves: Conservation and Conflict in the Northern Rockies with Sean Beckett, January 2019)

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