NBNC citizen science

“...it was both enlightening and empowering. We not only learned about creatures that we had never seen before, but also held them and helped them. It provided an opportunity to remember how delicate the balance of life is and that we can choose to have a positive effect on our world."

— The Wetherell Family

Community Science

Building a Volunteer Science Community

Owl Banding
Amphibian Conservation
Songbird Research
Winter Bird Count

Community Science enlists the help of community volunteers to contribute data to major scientific research projects. Scientists today can now easily crowd-source information from participants across the world, and it has never been easier to get involved! North Branch Nature Center has a long tradition of engaging families, students, and naturalists in important ecological research.

“Even a wounded world is feeding us. Even a wounded world holds us, giving us moments of wonder and joy. I choose joy over despair. Not because I have my head in the sand, but because joy is what the earth gives me daily and I must return the gift.”

— Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

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