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Amphibian Road Crossing: Mid-season update

You know the old adage: April showers bring — amphibian migrations! (Well, May flowers too, but those come later). During the warm evening rains last week our Amphibian Road Crossing volunteers documented frogs and salamanders on the move from Cornwall and Colchester to Calais and Craftsbury. Braving chilly and wet conditions, volunteers donned boots, raincoats,…

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Amphibian Ecology and Amphibian Road Rescue Training

Salamanders and frogs migrate by the thousands from forests to wetlands each spring, often crossing our roads at great peril. These seldom-seen amphibians radiate charisma, inspiration, and moxie on even the rainiest April nights. But they need our help! Join NBNC biologists for an evening program featuring local amphibian ecology. Then learn how you, your family, or…

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Montpelier BioBlitz 2018 – Thank you!

Results are pouring in from the Montpelier BioBlitz 2018, with over 1,500 species documented and a few more to come! Even in the beginning stages of data review, we have already found many surprises. Our botanists found the first U.S. record of the Dead-nettle Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina fastuosa; a European species), feeding on its namesake Dead-nettle (Galleopsis sp.) on…

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