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The Nature Of: Stick Season

By Sean Beckett, NBNC Staff Naturalist For awe and amazement in Vermont’s forests, fall foliage has got nothing on “Stick Season.” What November lacks in sumptuous, kaleidoscopic colors, it makes up for in grit and ingenuity. Trees, like many of us, go to astonishing lengths to survive our northern winter. Let’s start with buds. Each…

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Northern Saw-whet Owl Youth Overnight

Stay up late with NBNC educators and naturalists as we capture, tag, and release these charismatic, pint-sized predators. We’ll keep the nets open from dusk until the wee hours of the morning, using the Nature Center as our home base for catching some shut-eye before breakfast. Owls and pizza included! A fundraiser for NBNC’s Young Naturalist programs.

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