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Montpelier BioBlitz on the Natural Curiosity Podcast

At a BioBlitz, conservation meets community, and nature takes center stage. We invited Dr. Steven Shepard of the Natural Curiosity Podcast to NBNC back in July, and we are delighted to feature his podcast episode about our Montpelier BioBlitz. Grab a cup of coffee, and listen to NBNC staff explaining the importance of nature alongside…

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Montpelier BioBlitz 2018 – Thank you!

Results are pouring in from the Montpelier BioBlitz 2018, with over 1,500 species documented and a few more to come! Even in the beginning stages of data review, we have already found many surprises. Our botanists found the first U.S. record of the Dead-nettle Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina fastuosa; a European species), feeding on its namesake Dead-nettle (Galleopsis sp.) on…

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