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Welcome to the Sit Spot Initiative. A Sit Spot is a powerful way of slowing down and finding peace by tuning into the natural world around you. Whether it's in the woods or on the front steps, your Sit Spot is a space for nature-based  awareness and mindfulness. Join our NBNC staff at their Sit Spots to learn how you can develop this practice as a daily routine in these difficult times. Open the videos directly into YouTube to leave comments and participate in our Sit Spot community!

Sit Spot Guidance and Staff Reflections

Posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings
Updated June 3

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A sit-spot is a place outdoors that you visit daily to sit quietly and observe the natural world.  It is a place for you to look, listen, and notice what is happening in the natural world. A sit-spot is most powerful when we can visit it every day at the same time, but even just a little time is valuable.  Whatever your schedule allows is great!

A Sit Spot gives us the opportunity to slow down, decompress, and connect with the natural world right in our own neighborhoods and backyards. By adopting this simple practice we develop a greater sense of place and understanding of the natural world we inhabit.

Pick a place that is easy to get to, generally close to your home.  It could be a location in your yard, under your favorite tree, on your porch, or the steps of your home.  As long as it's a place you can sit comfortably and quietly without being disturbed.

A Sit Spot should last at least 15-20 minutes and can last as long as you’d like.  The more time you spend sitting quietly, the more you’ll see and notice!!

The only thing you really need is a curious mind, but please dress appropriately for the weather.  You’ll want to be comfortable. A notebook and pencil to record observations may be helpful too. Although it might seem like a good idea at first, I would avoid bringing field guides and books to your Sit Spot.  A Sit Spot is for noticing and allowing your curiosity to take over. You can seek answers afterwards!

Ideally, a Sit Spot is just for you and free of distractions.  If you do a Sit Spot with friends and family members try to spread out so you occupy your own special space. If you have really young ones they of course can and should be with you.  They’ll learn a lot from just sitting with you quietly. Gentle reminders that this is a ‘quiet time to look, listen, and notice’ work well with busy minds & bodies. 

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