Recommended Resources & Activites


Staying healthy and engaged in nature at home during these times can be a challenge. Whether it's drawing, films, exercise, or other activities, here is a list of resources that we've compiled that are a great starting place for keeping yourselves and your families tuned into the natural world.

Things to Do

  • Go on a Virtual African Safari - Wild Earth, based near Kruger National Park in South Africa, is livestreaming their wildlife game drives each day, with their guides providing amazing narration and interpretation of sightings from giraffes to lions to oxpeckers!
  • Create an Imaginary Species - The Vermont Center fro Ecostudies challenges you to come up with your own new species. Drawings, descriptions, and sounds encouraged!
  • Visit The Caterpillar Lab - For virtual adventures into the microscopic realm, and field walks with TCL staff.
  • Force Twigs - Get a jump start on spring by watching leaves burst forth from buds in your own home! Brought to you by our friend, Teage O'Connor over at Crow's Path in Burlington.
  • Brush up on Birds with Bridget - The Bird Diva, Bridget Butler has developed a wonderful online course to teach you a thing or two about birdwatching.
  • Watch a film - The 2019-20 Backcountry Film Festival is now available for free online
  • Go Birding - is one of the world's largest Citizen Science projects, and makes it easy to submit your bird sightings, and see where other species are being seen around the world.
  • Document Nature - is a platform where you can take photos of any living creature, and submit it to a worldwide community of naturalists for identification and discussion. Whether you're in first grade or have a phD in zoology, has plenty to offer.
  • Start a Nature Journal - John Muir Laws and Emilie Lygran have made freely available their new book, "How to Teach Nature Journaling." If you're a parent, this is a great resource for helping your kids build this fun, rewarding practice.
  • Start A Bird Feeder - has some great recommendations on how to set up a safe and successful bird feeding station in your yard, or at your window. If you're living near bears, be sure to take the feeders in at night!
  • Watch Wildlife Live Cams - is the worldwide theater for wildlife live cams ranging from watering holes in Tanzania to coral reefs in the Caimans.
  • Read Stories From Local Wolf and Moose Biologists - Mad River Valley residents Ky and Lisa Koitzsch have been studying ecological interations in Isle Royale and Yellowstone National Parks for more than a decade. Check out the blog of their work, and be sure to leave comments for them!
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