Working Together

The Orchard

Learn more about the orchard.

Planting the Trees

Learn from David and Anika from Elmore Roots Nursery how to plant fruit trees!

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An Orchard for All

This Community Orchard is for everyone. We want to make sure our stewardship plan nurtures not only the land, but also the human community (môwkawôgan). You are invited to spend time here and to harvest and enjoy the fruit (minkôgan) for free. We planted these fruit trees in 2022, choosing varieties that should be resilient to climate change and thrive in Vermont now and in the future. We hope they will feed our community for many years to come. 

Môwkawôgan literally means “working together” in Abenaki, which is exactly how we created this orchard.

Reading to the Trees

David Fried, who grew these trees (abaziak) for us upstream at Elmore Roots Nursery, says the best fertilizer is the farmer's footsteps — trees grow best when they are visited, loved, and cared for. He told us to read poetry and stories (ôtlokôganal) to the trees, to play music for them, and talk to them. We invite you to spend time in this orchard, enjoying the trees, and even reading to them if you like. Bring a blanket and a book (or borrow one from our tiny poetry library!). Watch the birds and pollinators, smell the flowers, and enjoy a piece of fruit right off the tree. 

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