Artistic Inspiration



Photography of this hillside in all seasons
by Wayne Fawbush


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The Hillside in All Seasons

From the first spring greens to the vibrant fall foliage to the bright winter stars, the viewscape at NBNC is one of the most beautiful scenes in Montpelier. This hillside has inspired many artists over the years, from painters to photographers, to capture its beauty in all seasons (akwôbial), sometimes over and over again throughout their lives. No matter how often you visit, this view is always changing and always inspiring! 

Zooming Out and Looking Up

Zoom out to look at the big picture view of this landscape. Can you tell the season, time of day, and weather (alegisgak) by looking at the hillside and fields? Look at the colors of the leaves, the many shades of green in the landscape, the fog on the hill, and the angle of the light — and don’t forget to look up at the clouds, birds, moon, and whatever else you might see! If this view inspires you to make art, we invite you to share it with us, and see what other people created, using the hashtag #NBNCArt.

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