Habitats & Sit Spots

Animal Sightings at NBNC

Check out NBNC's page on iNaturalist.org to see what's been observed here before.

Or watch the video below of critters that have been caught on our wildlife trail cameras.


Bird Banding Research at NBNC

Learn about our bird banding science projects at NBNC, which take place right here at Sapsucker Grove, by visiting our Online Bird Banding Station.

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A Wildlife Corridor

The intersection of forest, field, garden, and river in this area offers wildlife a wide variety of resources like food, water, shelter, and nesting materials all in one small area. This attracts many different birds and animals, whether they are just stopping by on their migration, spending a season, or living here year round. This is where we conduct bird banding research (scan the QR code to learn more). In addition to Sapsuckers, we’ve seen Red Foxes, White-tailed Deer, Red Squirrels, and birds ranging from Broad-winged Hawks to American Woodcocks here.

Sit Spots – Slowing Down to Take it All In

Head into Sapsucker Grove, find a comfortable log to sit on, and tune in to your senses. Listen and look for any sounds or movements, even tiny insects. What are animals doing around you? What kinds of food or shelter might they find here? Even if you don’t see any wildlife (kinawokw awaasak), you can look for signs that they were here. Do you see any holes in trees? What about chewed twigs or leaves? Or piles of pinecone scales left behind by squirrels? Notice the plants, listen to the river, and look for seasonal changes since the last time you visited. The longer you sit, the more you’ll notice!

Kinawokw awaasak means “observe the wildlife” in Abenaki.

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