Birding Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers both a wonderful introduction to tropical birding and a destination to return to again and again. Twice the size of Vermont, the country has over 800 bird species, including 50 species of hummingbird alone.

Tropical Panama for Teens

Our expert educators and Panama's premiere wildlife guides have worked together to build this unforgettable journey, designed with the goal of kindling a passion for nature connection and wildness that will last a lifetime.

The Pantanal – Birds and Wildlife of Brazil

The huge lowland plains of the Mato Grosso in Brazil, seasonally inundated during the rainy season, is known as the "Pantanal." It is the shrinking of the wetlands during the dry season that creates the spectacular concentrations of wildlife for which the area has become world famous.

Japan’s Winter Birds & Culture

Winter in Japan is a fairytale of stunning birdlife, fascinating wildlife, dramatic landscapes, and magnificent culture.