Plant Geography of a Granite Hill – A Northern Forest Atlas Day Course

North Branch Nature Center 713 Elm Street, Montpelier

Drew Mountain is the Granite Hills of Groton State Park, which are an igneous pluton intruded into the Devonian Waits-River sediments. The granite is hard and acid, the Waits softer and limy. The plants are an unusual combination, reflecting both influences. We will focus on the woody plants as a key to understanding the habitat, and add some interesting grasses, sedges, and herbs as details. A Northern Forest Atlas course hosted by NBNC's Biodiversity University.


Reading the Landscape – Biodiversity University

North Branch Nature Center 713 Elm Street, Montpelier

Reading the Landscape & Telling the Story is designed to acquaint you with Vermont landscapes in the Champlain Valley and to provide you with an integrative framework for reading the land here and around the world. This framework explores an understanding of the pieces, patterns, and processes that shape the natural world.