Photography and Writing by Sean Beckett

Our Virtual Nature Walks bring you to Central Vermont locations to explore the natural world as we transition into spring. Given the current events, we'll be choosing locations that are easy to get tohave wide trails or dirt roads, and are popular (but not too popular) places for our community to get some fresh air, exercise and "Vitamin N."

This little-known stretch of the Plainfield-Marshfield railroad bed in the corner of Groton State Forest is heaven for birders, bikers, paddlers, and all explorers of springtime in Vermont. With ponds, cliffs, hardwood forests, and a wide, flat trail, this spot is among the most diverse and accessible nature walks in Central Vermont.

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Virtual Nature Walks: The Ground Rules

We hope you'll get out and see if you can find these features and creatures yourselves. If you do:

  • Please heed CDC guidelines and remain at least 6 feet from other visitors.
  • Pets must be on leash and at least 6 feet from others as well.
  • Look but please don't touch: Since some of our observations bring you to very specific features, please refrain from touching them so that other curious nature lovers remain safe.

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