By Hadley Laskowski
February 6 2020

“Everybody’s gonna learn to read. But not everyone is going to come out of school feeling like, ‘I’m brave. I’m kind. I help my friends,’” said Leslie Polubinski, discussing the impact that the ECO (Educating Children Outdoors) program had on her kids. “That makes me motivated to spread the word about this program. We do have significant money to raise and we’re gonna have to raise it every year,” said Polubinski.

Polubinski is on the fundraising board for the ECO Forest Festival, an outdoor fundraiser for Moretown’s ECO program. The event, hosted by Moretown Elementary School on Saturday, February 15, is free, but donations will be accepted. It’s part festival, part sneak peek into what Moretown students are doing every day in the ECO program at school…

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