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Welcome to the teen/youth birding program of the North Branch Nature Center. We have provided oppotunities for teen birders throughout the region for over ten years, and Feather Questers hopes to inspire a new generation of young birders.

Whether a pre-teen, teen, or adult... whether a first time birder or an experienced veteran... there are opportunities for you to get involved in our youth birding program. Gray Jay


For Youths: Please join our google group and listserve, and contact us to get involved with an upcoming events. All current programs are listed in the gray column on the right of this page. You can also join us as a member.

For Adults: You can get involved by supporting your kids with birding by providing them rides to events, and allowing them the opportunity to develop their interest. Contact us for more ways to get involved.



Upcoming Events

Avian Wonders
Dates:Monday to Friday, June 26th to June 30th
Cost: $330 member, $355 nonmember (includes van transportation)
Birds have captivated people for generations. From egrets to eagles and hawks to hummingbirds, come search alongside experienced birders for many birds that share our backyards. We’ll explore some of Vermont’s birding hotspots, from the cliffs of Marshfield Mt. to the shores of Lake Champlain. Whether you are a passionate 'birder' or just getting started, this camp is for you! 

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