Beginner Naturalist Mini-Course: Waterfowl 101
Surf Scoter

Update: The schedule has been changed, and the course will now consist of one classroom and one field session.

Wednesdays, October 15 & 22, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. &
Saturday, October 25, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Fee: $125 members, $150 nonmembers
New Fee: $85 members, $105 nonmembers

While spring migration may take the limelight amongst bird watchers, fall migration is every bit as impressive. Thousands of young birds, on their inaugural trip south, offer stunning displays but also pose challenges to the people who observe them. In this course, we’ll learn about the biology and behavior of ‘water birds’ such as ducks, geese, herons, and other water-loving birds as well as how to identify and observe them. We'll learn about the life histories of these incredible birds and tackle some of the identification challenges they pose. Contact Larry at 229-6206 for more information or to register.  Max. of 12 participants, so sign up early!

Course Contents

October 15   Classroom Day 1 (cancelled)
The focus of our first classroom session will be on the biology and natural history of water-birds. Where do they breed? Where are they migrating to? What do they eat? How do they attract a mate and raise yMallardoung? We'll shed light on these and other questions as we get a glimse into the life of a water-bird.

October 22   Classroom Day 2
The focus of our second classroom session will be on identification. We'll cover some of the common species and how to distinguish them, but will also talk more broadly about bird identification, some of the ID challenges that waterfowl pose, and how to overcome them.

October 25 Field Day
The Champlain flyway is a corridor for tens of thousands of waterfowl that migrate through Vermont each spring and fall. We’ll search the Champlain Valley for ducks, geese, and others as we bring our classroom experience out into the 'real world'. We will meet at Shelburne Bay.

Note: Course contents are subject to change.



Please call 229-6206 for more info and to register


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