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Forest Preschool Philosophy

Forest Preschool Philosophy

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      Forest Preschool is guided by the idea that children are naturally drawn to a nature and learn with enthusiasm and a sense wonder by spending ample time outdoors.
    • Our nature immersion program aims to use outdoor spaces and play to support development of the whole child. 
    • We empower children to learn self-care and develop resilience and confidence in all weather conditions.
    • Our program supports children being active in their own learning process by paying careful attention to each child’s interest in the context of what nature presents us daily. In this way, learning can flow spontaneously through play and connection with nature’s seasonal offerings.
    • An inquiry–based style of teaching rooted in each child’s innate sense of curiosity is used to guide rather than lead children as they learn about their world. We supplement with emergent curriculum to support interests and feed curiosity. 
    • Abundant opportunities in the natural world encourage imaginative play, creativity, cooperation, empathy, confidence, healthy risk taking, as well as social, cognitive, fine, and gross motor skill development. 
    • We aim to foster respect and caring for nature and one another. In doing so, our hope is to develop a sense of place and a foundation for future earth stewardship and community involvement.

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